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Craftsman 113 Table Saw Fence

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Long time lurker first time poster, this is an awesome forum with a lot of great information.

I've slowly been upgrading my Craftsman 113 table saw with PALS system, machines pulleys, and link belt. I've done a lot of research on here and had settled on buying a Delta T3 fence system however they seem to not be in production anymore; they are sold out everywhere.

I'm now looking at the Vega system. The U50 is only $30 more than the U26 so I'm thinking I would be crazy not buy the U50 for the extra cutting capacity but I'm worried about it being too big for my shop. Are the rails on the U50 all one piece or can a section of it be taken on and off? Thoughts on the Vega fence, and is bigger always better? I have a decent sized shop but all of my equipment is mobile and the extra length may make it unstable.
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I have a 113, pals, pulleys, link belt, custom side tables and the T3 fence. Its too bad you can't find a T3, it works very well. I really like my saw. I can't help much with the Vega set up but here's my take on the fence size. I have only wished I had the 50 set up a few times and found a way around it. The extra size would be great if you want to brake down a lot of sheet goods but for me the amount of space it would take up is not worth it. If you have the space and use a lot of sheet goods id absolutely say go for it. But I've never missed it badly enough for it to be a big deal.
I had an older Craftsman TS (which my son in law now has) that I put the Vega fence system on. I only had the room for the 26" fence so it was an easy decision. My brother in law has the Vega 50" system and the tube and rails are one piece. I love the Vega fence - it is very solid, very accurate, and doesn't move a bit once locked in place. I would highly recommend it. I can tell you that my new shop is larger and I now have a 50" fence, but if I look back over my usage, there have been only a few times that I have used the extra capacity. So if you don't have the room for the larger one, go for the 26". If in the future you have more room, Vega does sell the rails separately
Doug and Dutchman,

Thank you for the replies, you've given me the exact Information I was looking for. I have other ways to break down sheet goods so the 26" should work for most of my needs. The help is much appreciated!
Also check where the Utility model fences come in price wise. They are exact copies of the Pro, but the overall size of the fences are smaller, and therefore are a better fit to a smaller saw like your .113.

If the pro is cheaper as they sometimes are go ahead with it, but know it's got all the same function, and features as the Utility, just much larger. The Utility is sized more like a Delta T2, and the Pro is bigger than a Beis.

Either way you'll love the fence. :)

I have a Pro 50 on my General 350, and I don't use much more than 24" of it since most of my sheet good breakdown is via a tracksaw now. Most people don't use the big fence unless they are breaking down a lot of sheet goods. But going smaller you can never make it bigger, but you can have bigger and not use it all. It's one of those things about table saws.

- Madmark2
'This product will ship approximately 28-32 weeks from the order date due to a temporary factory closure and high demand.'
I have a Vega 40 on my 80 year old Craftsman 113 and I really like it. It is a HUGE improvement over the stock fence.

The only think I don't like about it (and I wonder if it is an issue with other brands) is the far end of the fence drags behind and moves when locking the fence into place. I've been blaming it on the round rail that will allow the fence clamp to sort of "ride up" the curve of the rail, allowing it to be out of square. But once I clamp the fence in place, it forces the clamp to sit securely on the rail and is dead square.

It's a bit annoying when using a ruler to measure between the blade and the fence. You have to loosen the fence and move it a bit, then re-lock it to see if you're at the right measurement. Then do it again. Then again. Then a just a hair more.

There is a ruler on the rail that you can dial in, but I've always used a ruler at the blade.
I appreciate the replies from everyone, the wealth of knowledge and experience on this site is awesome. I ordered a Vega U26 from Rockler, should hopefully have it sometime this week!
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