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Craftsman 113.298240 restoration

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The Craftsman saw I am getting up and running again has sticky trunnions gears. I have some Johnson wax that I will be using on the surface of the saw once I finish sanding it. I have heard that you can use the Johnson wax on the trunnion gears as well. Has anyone done this? Does it work well? Does it also help with cleaning up the the area?
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I use wd40 with steel wool to clean everything and then use Johnson's paste wax on all sliding parts. I'm sure there are lubricants that would work better but I like the surfaces being dry. Works fine for me.
I've heard lithium dry grease? Or something works well on trunnions, but paste wax is awesome for table and everything else.

The paste wax is pure awesome in my experience. I took a table saw and a jointer with a lot of surface rust, sanded down, cleaned pretty good with mineral spirits (leaves no residue), then put a few coats on over the course of a week or 2.

I live in louisiana and I've had zero probs.
grease them, paste wax will wear off one full blade tilt and will leave metal on metal with no lube.

I'm in the process of rebuilding a c*man saw as well currently and a member on another board suggested making up a wax/graphite block.

I personally have not tried it yet but am going to attempt to make a block here this weekend to give it a try.

He used it on the sub assembly sliding portions, the trunnion slides, and the jack shafts for tilt and lift. It looked like it moved well when finished, just not sure about longevity but I have used graphite on things were we worked for awhile that were extremely sandy and it works great.
Typical machine grease is not recommended, because it attracts saw dust readily and you wind up with a caked up mess. Paste wax applied with a tooth brush will work, but will wear off faster than some other methods. White Lithium spray on grease, as recommended by Wood Mag works well, and is easy to apply….it sprays on wet, then dries so it doesn't attract dust. Teflon spray is said to work very well, but is something that I haven't tried yet….maybe when my white lithium spray runs out, I'll give it a go.
Thanks for the advice. I plan is to get some Blaster white lithium grease at Home Depot.
Try the blaster teflon.. I used it and am happy with it.
Picked up some Blaster Dry Lube PTFE (teflon) tonight. I will try to find some time tomorrow to spray some on.
The Blaster Dry Lube worked great. I recommend the product to anyone else trying to restore an old trunnion that has been sitting for a long time. It dries nicely and still loosens the gears up.
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