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Those Craftsman saws are real basic but they get the
job done. They have cranks instead of handwheels,
a very basic (and somewhat finnicky) fence, and the
casters don't work very well due to thin gauge
steel mounts and flexing of the also-thin gauge

The Hitachi will be a smoother tool all around.

Once you get a cut set up though, both saws will
do it equally well.

I think the Hitachi is a good buy at $200-$250
depending on local supply. The motor hanging
out the back on the Craftsman makes it more
of a hassle to enclose for dust or make an
outfeed table.

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I would offer $100. Ask about extra blades.

Prices in your area may be higher than mine though -
a lot depends on population density.

Saw looks complete and unabused. Check the
fence to make sure it tightens down. As
I recall you have to push forward as you turn
the handle to make those fences clamp square.

You don't need a belt guard.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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