Craftsman Professional - 10" Sliding compound miter saw. Model #137.212070 (Rating: 1)

I purchased this saw brand new a couple of years ago. I wanted to give it a good run before doing a review. My first overall impression when I was looking for a saw was this would fit the bill and work nicely for my needs.

I looked at some of the major brands when I decided I need a SCMS. My first choice was Bosch, but the price drove me away. Then I went to DeWalt but I couldnt find the model I wanted locally and I wasnt gonna pay for shipping. So I guess I kinda settled on this one. I should have paid the shipping.

The Craftsman is OK, but thats it, just OK. After using the saw for the last 2 years I have noticed that it has a habit of not staying square. when I purchased the saw it was not even close to being square. I did a complete tune up and had it cutting perfect. I started to notice after a few months my cuts werent as good as they once were. I checked the fence and it had moved. How can this happen? As you can see in the pics the saw is set up on a B&D workmate and it very seldom moves. If I do move it its moved while on the workmate.

The fence is only 4" or so in height and most definately doesnt support taller crown moulding. I have made a jig to hold the crown, which should be done no matter what saw you own. As you can see in the pic below the fence is NOT 90 degrees to the table and there is NO adjustment.

The table adjustments to rotate the saw to different angles is very hard to move. It almost takes both hands even with it secured to a table. You can forget about trying to adjust to a compound angle. It does have an upfront bevel lock/control which I thought would be an asset, its not.

I did replace the factory blade with a Freud amana 10" 80 tooth with a 5 degree neg hook. The blade is great and I may do seperate review there.

Dust collection…......What dust collection? I know that is a major issue with all miter saws, not just this one. I have tried just about everything, attached my shop vacuum to the dust port included. Now I just place a fan close and blow the saw dust away.

The positives of the saw are when I turn it on it runs, but thats about it.

I have noticed that Jet has a new model SCMS, it is an exact duplicate of this saw. The only dofference are the Jet colors and stickers.

I guess I will start saving the change for a Bosch.

As far as I am concerned I should have waited or paid the shipping. If you see this saw walk away, no run. I think it may go on my next deep sea fishing trip. I may a little extra weight.