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Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw

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I purchased a 10" RAS model# 113.29460 today on craigslist for $75. I feel I got a pretty good deal. I have a couple questions though. Can anyone tell me where I can find the exact year it was built (I already looked at Also has anyone put a T-slot track in the table? I know you would limit yourself by having one but I also think it would be nice to have for hold down clamps. Playing on the side of safety I DO NOT plan to rip with it as I have a good table saw set up as well as a band saw. As always please feel free to give any insight good and bad on this. Thanks
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IIRC the Craftsman website has a search feature that can use the model and serial numbers to pin down the year the tool was manufactured.
I have the same saw it I bought it for $100.00 good deal for you,
the bad it is a circa 1960's model and it may have adjustments needed to the carriage,
the Ugly only a few screws and a wrench available for this saw I hope it was like mine and taken care of personally I don't like it kinda scared of it by not having a blade brake and of it's age.
I picked up from the same deal a 1977 delta 6" jointer for $100.00 can almost get all parts for it and it works great this is why I stick with delta tools :)
Go to this website,
If your saw is on the list, they will send you a new blade guard and table top assembly for free!!!!
Well I called the recall hot line this morning and they stated that my saw does not fall into the replace guard and table listing, however they did offer me $100 dollars for the motor or to send me a new manual. I guess I could have jumped on the safety wagon and sent the motor into them and made $25 on the deal!! however I did buy it knowing the dangers and would like to use it awhile. Thanks for the comments and the info on the recall site. I plan to use it in a few days and hope to get one of many projects wrapped up this week so I will post my results in a project later this week.
Have any of you had to rebuild the angle gear and brake that are inside the radial arm?

I disassembled mine after it would not lock into 90 or either 45 degree position; reassembly is stumping me today.

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Sorry it didn't work out on the recall.
PRO, haven't had to do that on mine. Sorry I can't help.
Unionlabel- No worries I did get a new owners manual out of the deal. so it was not a total lose.
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