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Craft In America

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Does anyone watch that series on PBS call Craft in America? I find its always interesting watching all of these people and the different crafts they do. Being interested in woodworking its fun to watch other craft people too. The other day they had the late Sam Maloof on there talking about how he got started in woodworking. Another episode they had some top glass blowers…..quite the show.
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I've seen it Wayne ,It is interesting I also like to see other types of artistic ventures. It's no longer aired in my area
I've never seen it aired in my area , and there are two PBS stations available…... sounds nice though : )
I don't recall it on either of ours.
I bought the CD for viewing at our craft guild.
Currently, there are three shows in the series, with more to come.

Check out their website: Craft in America
I checked out the site and apparently it's only available in High Definition. And since I don't have it, I can't see it even though it's available locally. Bummer.
If you are a member of netflix they have the first 3 shows in the series available. The woman who does the sweetgrass baskets (Mary Jackson) was at the last show I did and here work really is beautiful.
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