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Cove Molding Tool

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Have you seen the new Starrett combination protractor? It is model CP505E-12. It's pretty expensive at $132, but looks like it makes crown moldings a no brainer.
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Bosch makes something similar. I have one but I haven't
installed crown since I got it. I did fool around with it
enough to trust it though. Really it's just internalized
the trig we used to do from charts.

These little magnetic cubes that stick to your saw
blade are a most useful invention. They can be
zeroed of course and then they'll tell you within
a few 10ths of a degree how the saw is going
to bevel. The detents and scales for mitering
are easier to set usually.

Really though…. I don't think anything can make
installing crown moulding a no brainer. I can
definitely see myself having the electronic gear
and still screwing up a corner here and there
if I get lazy and begin to trust the gizmos too much.
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Looks like a great product! Thanks for the post.
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