Laguna Tools - Fusion 10" Tablesaw 1.75HP 110v 36" rip (Rating: 5)

Since I was younger, I have always had the woodworking bug. Well, for my 41st birthday, my Wife decided to buy me a saw so I could learn the craft/hobby. Initially, we were looking at the portable saws like in HomeDept, Lowes, etc. I do not have a dedicated shop, as we park our cars in the garage, so portability was a concern and consequently, I was looking for as much saw as I could fit with the smallest footprint and one that I could afford. I looked at new, used, Craigslist…all over. We went to Rockler, Woodcraft, local tool stores, read, read and read some more. My wife comes to me one days with an ad in Craigslist, and the poster claiming to work for Laguna with floor/display models for sale. Thinking no way, I didn't call the number listed in the ad, but called Laguna themselves, and was transferred to the person…wholly *&%!! We spoke for about 15 mins, hung up the phone and began to read reviews, everywhere, including here. Needless to say, I was worried, but the complaints most had was the customer service, not the machines.

Called Laguna back, made arrangements for the pickup, and took the day off from work. The saw was packaged in three packages and all were packaged well. No visible damage to the anything at all. The one larger box was the saw, the long package is the fence and rails and the third were the wings.

The assembly was relatively easy and took about 2-3 hours. The hardest part, getting it out of the wife's minivan. This thing is HEAVY, at least for one person (wife said "I bought it, you move it" LOL!!) The manual for setup was enough to get the job done, I say that, because I wasn't familiar with the terms that were used, but hey, that's what Google is for. Once I had everything together, this saw functions with no issues. The machined wings are dead flat and highly polished. I applied some wax to them for protection and to allow the wood to slide a bit easier.

The saw is better than what I could have hoped for. The fence functions great. The wheels function and allows me to move the saw to the middle of the garage after I pull the cars out. The extra space on the right side wing, I installed an extension wing I made for my router and have had no problems with any portion of the saw. After using it for about 2 weeks, I called Laguna to inquire about a zero clearance insert, and was shocked at the price, so hello YouTube! Matthias Wandel has a great video (actually all are great) and in no time at all, I had my zero clearance insert.

With dust collection, all I have right now is my shop vac and a cyclone, so I don't have the best results, if much. So I need to clean out the "cabinet" often. Well, guess who had a surprise the first time, me! Inside the cabinet were 2 other inserts, one for dados and another zero clearance, how lucky is that!

The most substantial wood that I have cut is 6/4 walnut, and resawing walnut (5") with no problems. Can I feed the wood fast? I can feed it as fast as I feel comfortable, which is fine for me, I haven't had it mess up or burn or even seem to want to give up. Everything comes out great and I couldn't be happier. I have made a few things with the saw, 2 are posted here on LJ's, and have no complaints.