Grizzly - T28171 Zero Clearance Table Insert for G0771 (Rating: 4)

I'm very pleased after using this insert for some time now so I deleted the comment on the side play. I did reduce the thickness over the leveling screws, then had to shim it up a few thousandths using tape to bring it back to level. I also did a thru-cut to allow the riving knife to stay in place. Works like a charm!

I really like the Grizzly G0771 table saw, and have used it for several years now. I was pleased to discover
that Grizzly came out with an insert for the G0771, however, this rating lost two stars for the following:
1) The insert sits 0.020" higher than the original insert which means the leveling screws have to be readjusted when swapping the inserts. The ZC Inserts I make have oversized holes that fit over the screw heads. This allows a thicker edge on the insert, and the leveling screws remain fixed with Threadlock.