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In for a penny, in for a ton

Ever since I saw David Marks' Japanese Garden gate I was intrigued. I think it is the idea of working with wood, metal, chemicals, heat, and a creative process that caught my attention. It also helps to end up with something functional that is, hopefully, attractive to boot.

So far my research has included re-reading David Marks DIY project page on this and his other patina projects, viewing Ron Young's patina DVDs, looking at the Art Chemicals webpage, and searching the web for videos and articles. I have a list of links below.

Since I decided on the hot patina technique demonstrated by David Marks I needed to find a propane torch with a wide bell. Frustrated by a lack of info, I posted a Help request on LJs Skillshare Forum. Sure enough I got almost instant guidance from some LJs and was able to find a torch at Harbor Freight that same day.

I found a number of copper sheet suppliers on-line so I decided to try to find one close to home - the Sacramento area. Sure enough, I found a few. I bought a 4'x10' sheet of 16 oz copper for about $220. I had them cut 4' feet off one end and split the 6' piece into two pieces 24" wide. David Marks used 48oz copper plate that is about 1/16" thick and applied a patina to both sides. I've decided to apply the patina to one side and laminate the copper to a 1/4" panel. The 16oz weight seems to be stiff enough and thick enough to handle a hot patina application, but is not quite stiff enough to serve as its own panel. IMO at least (see disclaimer below).

I have no experience with copper or patina's so it is quite possible and likely probable that I will misstate or otherwise get something wrong. I'm learning as I go so if any of you have any knowledge or experience with this process please weigh in with your suggestions, comments, critiques, criticisms, whiticisms, etc. etc. Should be fun.

David Marks DIY Garden Gate page

Harbor Freight Torch

Blue Collar Supply Sacramento - Copper Sheet

Ron Young Sculpt Nouveau

Art Chemicals
WAY cool. Out of my league. It's a shame David Marks isn't doing WoodWorks any more. He was one of those guys that inspired me to get into woodworking the first place. I think it was his Walnut Burl coffe table that got me hooked…
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