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Well, I didn't get flamed on my first review and yesterday I went to the HD to pick up a order and also picked up some rare earth magnets for this puppy. Than it occurred to me maybe some of you might like this as well. I bought it just under a year ago and I find it to be handy as heck. Don't be fooled by it's boast of being extra large, it is really quite small. Any smaller and it would be near useless, but it perfect for holding a couple pencils and pens, a 6" combination square, tape measures, or any number of small items. I bought the rare earth magnets to imbed into my wooden stands because I can't attach my little basket to wood since it is magnetic, but it does work well with the metal tools. It so nice to just move from station to station and all those little nuisance items in one go.

Here is the link: I got a minor singe on my first review for not supplying one. Sorry, live and learn.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000UZ64U/ref=wmsohsproduct?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Amazon basket

The magnets on this are not that powerful, I decided quickly not to use it for it's intended purpose. I wanted to be able to keep my remote for my garage TV/DVD setup in it, but it is easily knocked off whatever you stick it to, and it not a good idea to have delicate items like remotes or electronic stuff hitting concrete, but like i said, for small stuff that not likely to break it great. It not like it will fall off for no reason.

I realize this is not exactly a woodworking tool, but I use it every day in my shop so hopefully that is flexible. It's always less than $10, currently $8.05, can't hardly go wrong that cheap.