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Conveyor Drive gear for Grizzly G0459 circa 2006

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I recently managed to damage my drive gear on my 2006 Grizzly G0459 drum sander. I ordered a replacement from Grizzly, but when I received it the part was not the same. Turns out they changed the design and they no longer provide this part for a vintage 2006 machine.

Any chance anyone has one laying around? Maybe a decommissioned machine of the same vintage?

Any ideas about how to find a replacement would be greatly appreciated!
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Good Luck!

On those low cost, right angle,worm gear motors, finding a replacement gear is almost impossible. They are often custom molded to drive shaft to reduce costs. Can sometimes find a generic plastic gear, but they you have to figure out a way to attach it to old shaft, usually by machining the old shaft for a locking pin.

The recommended solution is a whole new gear motor. The Grizzly price on replacement motor is much higher than I expected, until I read it was 110v DC 105W motor (~1/8HP). Be a challenge to find a generic replacement much cheaper, and have to modify the mounting bracket for different gear box. :(

IMHO - The low cost wood working conveyor belt sanders tend to all have same conveyor design flaw. Instead of using a LoveJoy type split shaft coupler (that can break when there is a jam), the drive is hard coupled to drive shaft. When there is problem, the drive gear shreds.
If I owned a conveyorized machine without a split coupler, would take time to installone; if I had to spent money on a new gear or motor, to avoid repeating the process later.
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Good point Capt'n!

My Performax 16/32 uses a rigid coupler, probably enough room to fit in some form of overload connection.
Thanks guys. I'll look into these suggestions.

Right now my leading option is to see if I can move the new gear on to the old shaft. I've got a buddy who has done something like this before. If I come up with anything else, I'll post

Thanks again.
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