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The fatality rate for general aviation is about 1 per 100,000 hours. Most of that is pilot controlled rather than mechanical failures. Which means if you fly 4 hrs/week for 25 years, you have a 5% chance if dying if you go by averages. Sure, a lot of pilots claim they're safe and don't make mistakes.

I wish we had similar data on table saw use and accidents. But if the accident rate per 5000 hrs of use is even 0.1%, the $1000 insurance policy is well worth it to me. I suspect the rate of blade-to-flesh accidents might well exceed 1 per 5 million hours of use (which corresponds to a 0.1% rate per 5000 hrs).

People claiming table saws are safe because they've never had an accident or that none of their 15 acquaintances/friends have ever had accidents…and claiming this is why others shouldn't spend an extra $1000 for a SawStop? I think you're rather foolish and need to think more in terms of actuary science (i.e., risk management based on numbers).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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