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Concealed Hinges Help

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hello again,
i'd like to create a hidden space at the base of a media cabinet i've built into an old broom

when closed, the door must be totally flush with the cabinet. (touching, no small gap between door and cabinet)

i am looking for concealed hinges that can work for me.
• one cabinet door
• face frame cabinet
• partial inset door
• prefer surface mounted (not mortised cup)
• abt. 90° of opening
• overlay of abt. 3/8" all around

• no self-closing
• no soft close

i guess i've never really thought about how hinges work and am now totally confused and bewildered.
is possible to have zero gap?
any thoughts on specific hinges for this?

thank u
i hope this is in the right section


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You mount these hinges in the edge of the door and bevel the edge opposite the hinges so the door can swing out. You can devise a magnetic latch to keep the door shut. If you can make the door fit into the opening carefully, you can get an almost zero gap.
It's always best, IMHO, to have the hardware in hand before construction begins-especially if you are using hinges you have not used before.

In this case, I don't know of a concealed hinge that will do what you want with no drilling. Maybe you can hold the panel on with magnets and just pull it off for access?
I like the SOSS style hinges, I've used them on a few projects and have found them to work quite well.
I like the SOSS style hinges, I ve used them on a few projects and have found them to work quite well.

- Ripthorn
I like Soss hinges, too, but I don't see how they would work in the situation drawn here-a 3/4 panel with 3/4 frame applied on top with a 3/8 overlay? Where would you put the hinge?

If you eliminate the space between door frame and face frame, you could drill for Soss hinges into frame edge and face frame edge.
Haven't used the Soss hinges myself but if you need to see in action, Jon Peters recently did a pretty thorough review/install on a project he was working on. Might be worth checking out.
i think jerryminer's suggestion about an access panel held on with magnets will be my solution. it won't be used all that much and the simplicity makes it even more attractive to me.
it really was interesting finally looking at and somewhat understanding objects as ubiquitous as hinges. i never appreciated them so much. funny.
thank you everyone for your invaluable input
happy holidays!
Karie-I hope we helped. Post a pic when you're done (No pic= didn't happen ;-)
it was all terrific advice. thank u again! it'll be done over thanksgiving. so will post then.
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so here it is. the tot-locks work perfectly. a bit troublesome to install but not too bad. all in all it came out pretty well. thank u everyone for ur advice. happy holidays!


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it's actually a vertical closet but i can't seem to post it that way. this way my tv would fall out. oh well…
Looks good, Karie. Glad it worked out. Thanks for posting. Here it is rotated:

Furniture Cabinetry Shelf Drawer Wood


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