3M - 7500 Series Reusable Half Facepiece, Model 7503 (Rating: 5)

I'm not that good at wearing the disposable dust masks that I have. I just don't like them. So, I end up not wearing them all the time.

I was reading one of Bill Pentz's pieces on dust collection, and he emphasized how importance it was to wear a good dust mask and recommended this 3M 7500 series mask (7501 is small, 7502 is medium, 7503 is large-I use the medium). I assumed it was really expensive. Turns out that to buy the mask and a set of 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridges was not much much more than my hated disposable masks, $33.93 delivered from Amazon. I'll have to replace the cartridges periodically, but I can handle that.

I'm just wearing it during sanding so far. I don't do much in the way of interesting chemicals.

I don't know how to rate protection with it, but it is more comfortable, way more comfortable, than the disposable masks and, surprisingly, cooler. Not only is it, on paper, safer for me than the masks I was wearing, but I'm also more likely to wear it.

If you've been waiting to buy a good dusk mask, try this one.

EDIT: Added picture of 2097 filter instead of 6001, since the 2097 is the usual filter for woodworking.