Greenlee - 1/4" 20TPI drill tap (Rating: 5)

Maybe I just fell off the lumber truck, but I didn't know about combination hex drill\tap bits. You don't have to install a brass insert! Or, drill and then tap threads?! Do it all in one easy operation! Directly into wood with a low voltage driver!!

I have threaded a lot of brass inserts for the jigs I've built, like my Rip Snorter Push Block , and thought they were a pain. And, I have read about and used various methods for installing inserts. They work, but they are tedious.

I've looked a tap and die sets. I don't need all that. Quarter inch, 20 TPI (threads per inch) is pretty much the standard in my shop. I always have a supply of nuts, bolts, knobs, and threaded rod on hand for jigs, hold-downs, connectors, and stops.

I found the Greenlee bits in a variety of sizes at Ace, $12. For a test drive, I slowly drove the bit into a block of Douglas Fir with an low voltage Skill driver. Then, threaded rod directly into the wood. It couldn't be quicker and easier. And secure, standing on the block, I couldn't pull the rod out.

I can foresee a lot of uses for this bit.