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Coloring Wood

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I am making various bowls using a router versus my lathe to learn some new skills. The material is usually laminated woods to build up a blank larger enough for the patterns. Looking at some Holiday patterns and would like to have portions of the blanks a green color. I can get "white" or "red" woods for those portions but green is my challenge. My question has to do with dye or stain for those portions I want to be green. Wondering what experience anyone has with something similar. Thought about coloring the target green portion after the blank is created but controlling the bleed between pieces seems near impossible to manage.
Would appreciate and tips. Thanks.
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It is quite difficult to do. Most dyes don't penetrate very deeply into the wood. So unless you are dyeing thin veneers I think you won't get the results you want. Perhaps using a vacuum chamber you can get deeper penetration of dye. You'll have to experiment. You can get poplar in a light green color, although it will turn brown over time.
I have used food coloring to dye small areas of wood, limiting the spread with sealers. But to color segments of a bowl turning in advance of shaping on a lathe would be difficult to control. Perhaps using thin strips near the limit of dye penetration, then thoroughly drying before glue-up.
Have you considered SpectraPly, from Cousineau Wood Products (CWP)?

It bonds well with hardwood in router bowls:
Shoe Dishware Pattern Font Linens

Lost track of how many I've made over the years. :-(0)

Woodcraft used to stock various colors and sizes. Several competitors have entered the market with similar products. CWP also produces a higher density product called Dymalux, which is a resin stabilized version. Dymalux (and the clones) does not mix well with hardwood unless epoxy adhesive is used. It is designed more for turning to avoid tear out issues on plywood the laminate. Never had any issues with Spectraply tear out making router bowls.



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