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Clear view knock off

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I started this project 3 years ago with a 3hp motor and a 14" impeller I got from a neighbor. I had been reading Bill Pentz's pages and when I saw the motor I knew exactly what to do with it. I started by building the blower housing. Then I decided to buy an E-bay cyclone at that time they were $125. I hung the blower and hooked it to the cyclone. Then I plumbed the system with 7" hvac pipe I got for free from coworker that was gutting his house. after I got it all hooked up I fired it up and while sucking up some planer shavings from the floor the 4" flex line I was using plugged and it collapsed 25' of the hvac line before I could shut it off. that was when I decided I needed 6" pvc so the project went on hold due to lack of money. I finally had the extra money and was tired of wading through the sea of planer shavings on the floor. Here is the final set up after I decided to move it to a different location and got it all plumbed up.

Gas Magenta Auto part Cylinder Metal

The first barrel I a ghetto dust right setup and then it goes into the cyclone. I chose to go this route for extra capacity when planing. when I can here the shavings rattling in the cyclone its time to dump the barrels. this is to keep me form filling my filters up with dust when I am planing.

Light Material property Jet engine Gas Electric blue

The first barrel collects 80% of the dust the cyclone get the rest

Wood Automotive tire Bumper Gas Automotive wheel system

Yes I cut a hole in the back of my PM66. The pipe comes in right behind the trunion and collect pretty good

Gas Plastic Paint Cylinder Electric blue

All of the pipe is rubber gasketed. The guy at underground pipe and valve recommended it to me for seal and being able to take it apart. This stuff sucks to assemble, the cut pipes have to be beveled and lube used to get it to slide together. the last picture is a 6" slip conector I made from an end bell I cut off the end of the pipe. I pulled out the gasket and it slips right on the pipe at the blast gate, works great.

All and all I think the cyclone works pretty good. I think if I had to do it all over I would have gone with the Thien sepperator and saved the money.


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Very nice build. You learned a lot in the process too.
Good idea to use a pre-separator. The neck of my cyclone
clogs when I run my planer sometimes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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