Freud - SD208 8-Inch Professional Dado (Rating: 4)

Aloha Lumberjocks! This is my first review and my first stacked Dado set. Bought this set for a fencing project with too many cuts for the "move the fence" technique. I visited the local Home Depot, Lowes, Woodcraft, and shopped Amazon.

Woodcraft had the Forrest and Freud "dial a dado" sets, but $350 was more than I wanted to spend. I decided to get the Freud SD-208 which had good reviews here on Lumberjocks. Lowes didn't carry it but Home Depot had something close, Diablo DD-208. It looked the same, but was priced at $115.00. Amazon had the SD-208 set for $95.00, but it was Friday and I wanted to get started the next day so I bought it.

As a weekend warrior whose day job is not woodworking, I was put off a bit by the instruction set, the single paragraph of text was very brief and couldn't have been larger than a 8-point font. The diagram showing how to stack the blades, spacers, and shims didn't match the shims that were included. Trial and error, my tape measure, and two test cuts got the width right. While I knew the storage case was open when I bought it, I would have liked a closed storage case like the Delta, lots of salt air where I live.

The reviews I read indicate the difference between the SD-208 and DD-208 is that the Home Depot Diablo version has "Permashield non-stick coating". Maybe that's just the red paint, can't confirm that. And when most everything is made in Asia, the set I bought says "Made in Italy".

The set cut the 50 feet of 23/32" dado I needed quite well, blades are sharp, no missing teeth, square shoulders and smooth bottom. Very happy with the business end of the product. Don't cut hardwoods very often so I can't review that use, but four stars for this purchase.