Mustarka - RB-CP3.2 -19-1/4 Classical Plunge Bit (Rating: 3)

An interesting situation occured when I was making Edna's Kitchen Benches.

I was routing a profile in the length of the leg when whilst using a Mustarka Router bit I routed over or through a knot.
This knot completely totalled my new router bit in one pass.

History: This was a brand new unused bit and very similar profile to Photo 1 it was a 1/4 shank, 19mm dia but a 3.2 radius.

The profile on the bit is similar to the I have posted in photo No 1. (from what I can see the only difference is a minor difference in the radius of 3.2mm as opposed to a 2mm radius)

Situation: Whilist I was routing the Pine material I noticed a change in the profile, so I stopped straight away.
Upon inspection I saw the router bit had lost a lot of its original profile.

Photo 2. Although a litle small to catch a decent photo it shows the shattered tungsten profile on both edges
Photo 3. Shows a second view of the same bit.

What am I going to do with it?

Its beyond help and is enroute to the rubbish bin.

I finished the work by re-routing it with a cove bit, with no other problems encountered.

I did the post as I was very surprised that a knot could do so much damage to a tungsten faced cutter, and thought it worthy of mentioning, hence the one star (now reviewed to 3 Stars as I may have given the wrong impression of its capabilities), and I will keep it to show the supplier when I buy another.

I am not sure where the Mustarka brand bits are going market wise but an exact replacement one certainly is not available from the supplier.

From my last PU they appear to be getting overtaken by Yonico bits.

No doubt Julian can have some comfort in knowing it dosent just happen to him.