Rockler - 4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp #20981 (Rating: 4)

I do a lot of glue edge board glue-ups and was looking for a better and faster clamping system. My old one required four hand clamps and 4 cauls and did a fine job but the set up was very time consuming.

After receiving some money for father's day, I decided to give these a try. I must admit the guys at the local Rockler store were not helpful with any recommendations on the product. Also, at least my box came with NO instructions at all. Now I did have in mind what I wanted to accomplish and was sure that was a way to do it. Also, Rockler is very good about returns so I was not worried.

You will need to make the 2 inch by 2 inch (mine at 1 and ½ popular) boards and they need to be longer than your widest glue up. In my case I will be gluing ½ inch thick material so I needed some spacers between the cauls and the ½ boards. I have also noticed that the clamp pad on each end will need a support so that it is centered on the boards to be glued.

The first try was fairly successful. The two boards being glued had about a 32nd, or less, twist in them. That was easy to plane and sand off.

I think that with a little more reengineering and thinking about what I want to accomplish this will be a fine system. Most likely I will purchase a second set at some point in time.

Thanks for looking.