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CL deal for Craftsman Cabinet saw - good deal @ $350???

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I currently have a General International contractor saw with full cast iron wings, 30" General T-Sq fence. The saw has been terrific and i have no complaints with it however i have been looking to upgrade to a cabinet saw in the future.

I saw this deal on CL the other day that intriqued me. I think it is a steal as everything i have heard about this Craftsman model is that it is a solid performer. The fact that it has a true Bies fence and Forrest blade make it even better. I would honestly jump at it for $350 with no accessories.

Do you guys agree this is a good deal and would be a meaningful upgrade over my excellent contractor saw?

I have a 52" Vega fence system still sitting in the box. My plan was to switch out the fence on my General. However if i choose, i can probably sell the Bies fence to get back some of the cash outflow. I would also be selling my General at that time.

Seller notes:
Sears Craftsman 10" table saw. Cabinet style.
Runs good.
Biesemeyer rip fence.
Forrest blade.
Additional table saw inserts.


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For tree fiddy the blade and the fence are worth it. Im not real sure if that saw is a true cabinet saw all though. I it would depend on the trunnion mounts. If they are table mounted its not, if they are cabinet mounted it is.
It is a great deal. Try to snag it if you have the power, space and cash.
Appears to be cabinet mounted trunnion. So what Shane said, scoop it!
Good deal. Aside from the chintzy miter gauge accessories
and a few annoying plastic knobs and things like that you'll
find it's a nice saw. At that price it won't last.
Do you guys agree this is a good deal and would be a meaningful upgrade over my excellent contractor saw?

Good deal? Yes, especially with the Bies fence.

Meaningful upgrade? Upgrade, yes, meaningful, probably not. I don't consider a hybrid saw to be that big of a step up from your contractor saw. The Bies fence and cabinet mounted trunnions are nice, but it is still a 110v hybrid with a full cabinet, not a true cabinet saw. If you are OK with that, then I agree that it is a really good price and you should be able to get your money back easily by selling your current saw and whichever fence(s) you opt not to keep.

If, however, you are looking for a real 3hp 220V cabinet saw, then this isn't it.

I totally agree with Loren, that you will need to decide quickly, because it won't last long.
Thanks for the replies so far guys - much appreciated!!

I have replied to the CL listing but have only heard crickets. The same seller also has a Jet 8" jointer listed for $500.

If they get back to me and i make the deal great, if not, wont be the end of the world. As mentioned ealier, i will probably make a bit of cash back in the end if i sell the fence and my existing GI 50-185 but what i currently have is a solid saw and no complaints. I dont view this hybrid as my last saw, so i am realistic with its specs and it not being a 3HP, true cabinet saw.

My shop has been incrementally stepping up into more robust equipment. I started with a ridgid jobsite saw, then upgraded to the GI contractor. I had planned for the next step to tbe to the 3HP level but this deal seems a little too good to pass up if it comes to fruition.
Seems like a good deal. My question is are parts still available? That is something about Sears that keeps me away from them.
For $350, grab it! It'll go really fast at that price. Try both…if you decide you don't like it, sell it. There's really no down side to that deal.

I made the jump from a nicely tricked out GI 50-185M1 to the 22124, and considered it a step up in most aspects….more mass, easier alignment, better DC, stronger ripping, wider surface.
So what became of this deal?
Crickets…i have emailed the seller a few times but haven't heard anything back. The posting hasn't been deleted, so i guess i still hold out some hope but not very optimistic. CL can definitely be frustrating when sellers dont reply. Why are you going to go through the trouble to take pics and post stuff if you arent going to followup on inquiries. Sure im preaching to the choir though. If lady luck does shine, i will post pics once i get it home and set up.

thanks again for all of the opinions!!
Frustrates the heck out of me too…..maybe, just maybe though….

Either way, the good news is that you still have a fine saw.
Don't you love when people don't respond and the post is still up. I did see that saw or one that looks just like it with the same fence for $850 on Craigslist here, don't know if they ever sold it or not, seemed pretty high but what do I know.
I have a 10 year old Craftsman portable saw that I bought just to carry up to the attic to rip flooring. I never installed the blade guard but decided to recently and went through the original wrapped parts and one main component was missing. Looked on Parts Direct and it's unavailable. WTF! Only Sears tools I'll buy these days will be name brand.

BUT - if all of the shortcomings in your present saw are fence or table related and not due to low power, you could look for a used fence and upgrade what you have. Should be able to do it for less that $350. I picked up a new in box Unifence for $150 so stuff is out there.
In conclusion - the thread was pulled form CL without any type of reply from the seller to my multitude of emails…thanks for all of the input however, much appreciated!!

I have been keeping my eye on an 8" jointer from the same seller. it was posted the same time as the saw but has been steadily decreasing in price, so it seems as though he hasnt abandonded the post like with the saw. I will post a separate thread to hopefully get some opinions on the jointer and if it is a good deal.
It's incredibly rude to post something for sale, and not respond to inquiries. If the item is no longer for sale, remove the ad…'s a pretty simple concept. On behalf of human kind, I apologize for those who could care less about anyone but themselves.

Good luck on the jointer, and thanks for the update.
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