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CL Bandsaw Mill

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There's a Wood Mizer LT-15 bandsaw mill for sale in Henleyfield, MS (just north of the "boot" of Louisiana). If someone is looking to get into cutting rough lumber, you might want to take a look. Here's the link to the listing. I'm actually tempted to take a look.
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Take a look, Don. Take a look.
By all means, check it out Don!!
Bunch of enablers . . . I was really thinking one of our LJs in the area might be interested. Truth be told, it's not really THAT far from me.
You say 'enabler' like it's a bad thing! :-b
Everyone should have their own mill. At least report back.
Just looked at the ad. Unless he abused it somehow, it's gotta be a pretty good deal. If I weren't 1500 miles away i would consider it.
Take a look Don. It would be a shame to miss out on all that fun, not to mention the wood.
Do it Don! Then if I'm ever down your way we could slice up some logs!
You can get it just to bring to next years boil wherever it may be.
Don, That is a steal! That mill is ~$8000 new. Just like mine but with 10 more HP (I assume that "25 gallon" really means 25 HP.) And that is less than I paid for mine! It is probably already sold.
I sent the seller a message to ask if it's still available-the ad is still up but that might not mean anything. My wife and I will be in New Orleans on Monday so it's not a long side trip to look at it up close and personal. I'll let y'all know what I find out.

Bunch of enablers. The last time I posted a courtesy listing for my LJ brethren, I ended up buying the item myself (a 1947 Delta Unisaw). Will history repeat itself? We'll see . . .
I have a LT15 and I have cut over 80,000 BF with it. It is a great mill, but everything is manual, no hydraulics.
Thanks, Danny. I have an appointment to check it out on Tuesday. I'm planning on asking the current owner to cut a log so I can see it in operation. I'll post an update after I see it.
Don, I just want you to have what you want, and now it seems you may get it.
That's a great deal, if it were closer to me, I'd already have it. There's one not too far from me with a lot of accessories, but only the 15hp engine asking $7200. It is only a couple years old, but tempting none the less. If he had fewer accessories and a bigger engine for a little less money, I might bite.
Don I hope it goes well for ya! I do like the idea of boil and mill. Rough sawn mud bugs anyone?
Late to the party, but I do like a good party!!!

I say get….
Bring it to next years boil!!!
Bad news on the bandsaw mill. I had an appointment to see the saw this morning, and I got a message saying that he sold the mill yesterday. He did get the $2,500 he was asking. He apologized to me for selling it, but it was never promised to me. I'm good with how it turned out for him. Thanks for the interest, information and enablement.

I wonder if someone from Mississippi or Lower Alabama picked it up. If so, good for them-that was the intent of my OP anyway.
Sorry Don :(
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