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Circ Saw Spindle Locks: Are they worth it?

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Hello Everyone,

I am a novice woodworker, and am asking this question honestly. I recently purchased a Porter Cable PC13CSL from Lowes at $59.97. It's a 13-amp saw with a laser, and no spindle lock. After I brought it home, I looked at the box and began to wonder if the extra 2 amps and spindle lock were worth the $15 more for the PC15CSLK at $74.97.

From my reading, I know that spindle locks make blade changes easier, so I guess I am asking for your concensus on spindle locks for circular saws. Thanks in advance.

Donnell Wells
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I have had around twenty saws, plus or minus 2. None have had spindle locks. Not even remotely neccessary. X-tra amps, maybe.
Seems I have always had a saw with a lock. Didn't know that was an option(to get a saw without one). Extra amps are always desirable but I think my last saw was a toss up between 14 and 15 amps. I went with the 14 amp because the saw felt better in my hand and that was important to me. If you use one a lot it becomes even more important.
I've got a wormdrive and I have no idea whether it has a lock or not. I don't recall ever needing one. I might have laid out a few bucks for an extra amp or two but I think you did just fine.
More relevant would be weight and the presence of a brake.

The 15 amp saw is heavier and thus harder to use in some

My favorite saw is the no longer made PC743. You can get
used ones.
A blade lock is just a block of wood that is handy, right?
Thanks everyone that replied so far. I think I'll keep the saw I have and spend the $15 toward a good 40T or 60T blade.

As for accuracy, I think I'll be making a DIY track guide of some sort, as I have to rip some half inch ply for those shelves. I also build model railroad benchwork, so this saw should come in real handy ripping down 3/4" Birch ply!

Thanks again,
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