Acanthus Workshop - Dovetailing Apprenticeship DVD (Rating: 5)

I got a chance to pickup the new DVD by Chuck Bender titled Dovetailing Apprenticeship at a recent woodworking show. This DVD picks up where all the others left off . Chuck walks us through everything from tools needed , sharping his way, layout and cutting them .The production and quality of this DVD is clear and concise . Runtime is a long one hour & fifty minutes chock full O'dovetails . That's right I said chock full O'dovetails not to be confused with chock full O'coffee. The DVD also comes with a small shop aid in the form of picture card that walks you through the entire process .

You say so what makes this DVD different from all the others . Its the camera angles and close ups . You get a first hand perspective view , another words , as if you were actually doing all the work . So you get to see how you layout the dovetails , cut and chop them out . Then an entirely different view later in the DVD that gives you the view of the mechanics of the process . With the proper sawing and chisel angels .

It starts off covering some basic joint history , followed by picking the tools for the task at hand . Then Chucks method of sharpening chisels . Right into layout and a short discussion on tails or pins first, then gets down to the business of cutting them. I found it refreshing to see Chuck wasn't hocking any certain tool or tools . The list is basic and very affordable for those just starting out cutting dovetails by hand . You don't need to break the bank when it comes to tools , Chuck proves that in his demo's at woodworking shows. Inexpensive chisels and a dovetail saw to match are his show tools of choice. First up are through dovetails followed by half blind dovetails .The DVD ends with Chuck covering two other methods of laying out the dovetails .

They nailed it with this DVD , its the best twenty five bucks you could spend , the bar is set high for the next one .. Chick the link at the top and then click " Video " to see a preview of it .