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Cheese Slicer boards and some Locker Docker Finish

A friend of mind had requested that I make her a cheese slicer, and I found the string and arm kits online they're basically replacement parts for the cheese slicers they make but who says you can't make your own right? Last weekend I went to my local woodcraft that always has an exotic wood cut off bin for 4$ a pound or what not, so I picked up about 8$ worth of exotic scraps to be used in my cheese boards.
Saw Wood Tool Flooring Floor

I picked through my scrap bin and found enough maple, agire (I think that's what it is called, it's like maple but a little darker color), cherry and walnut.
Wood Rectangle Flooring Machine tool Composite material

Some of the peices weren't thick enough for the cheese board, so I glued some maple to the back to make it thicker this way I can show off the really crazy leopard pattern instead of just seeing the edge grain of the wood.
Gas Bumper Machine Auto part Tool

So far I have 3 of the 5 cheese slicers glued, and sanded smooth, once they're all glued up I'll cut them to final size and sand them all to final thickness.
Hood Wheel Tire Bumper Automotive tire

I also spent some time adding a few more coats of paint on the locker docker I've been working on for my sister. I don't know what it is about spray paint that seems to attract bugs but I'm serious I had to sand out several dead bugs and a lot of dust I did the best I could but it's not as smooth as I'd like.

This weekend I was focusing on getting a few coats of water based lacquer on it to seal up the spray paint and give it a nice glossy sheen. I should get the lacquer done this week and I can put it all together and send it off to my sister I'm sure she's gonna love it.



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