BORA - 542006 Saw Plate (Rating: 5)

Ever since the IWF 2014, I have been dying to pick up the new BORA guide systems. After months of hunting and phone calls to BORA, I finally managed to get my hands on the BORA saw plate. The short story is…it's awesome. Paired with the BORA WTX, this answers the mail on a track system upgrade for my Porter Cable PC15TCSMK.

The Good:
  • Works as advertised. The saw guide is (supposedly) compatible with any straight edge guide in the market. I've tested it with both the BORA WTX and a HF straight edge guide and yes it does work. YMMV as the saw plate tracks are square and a irregularly shaped clamp face may not work as well (if anyone can test with the Emerson clamps, I'd love to hear how they work).
  • The adjustments to remove lateral play is a large plastic bar that slides into place. It seems flimsy at first but it is extremely easy to adjust. Just seat the guide on your "track", unscrew, and push it against your "track". I have no lateral side to side play in use.
  • It's very easy to drop your saw in your straight edge "track", slide it down to make your cut, and lift up to remove.
  • No straight edge guide for a track? You can use any straight edge that the saw guide can ride on. I used some scrap plywood for a test and it did the job phenomenally.

The Bad:
  • Setup was a PITA for my saw. It was harder to setup than with the Kreg Rip Cut. There's a good YouTube video I found about the setup. I had to loosen the bevel lock in order to get the screws setup to hold down. Afterwards came the fun of squaring up the blade to the guides. Thankfully it was a one-time ordeal.
  • Without the back support bracket, the saw will tip. Make sure you tighten it well.
  • You lose a fair amount of cut depth with the saw guide. By my measurement, just north of 3/4" of cut depth is lost.

The Ugly:
  • ZCI is not a part of the design for this saw guide. This is one deficiency of using the saw guide with a straight edge clamp.
  • Depending on your circular guard, you'll have to extend the blade fairly far out from the saw edge. I had lots of problems with squaring up the blade because the guard would butt into saw guide and skew the blade.
  • Dust (still) sprays everywhere. In addition to be a health hazard, dust is an enemy of accuracy, throwing off registration.

The Future:
Hands down, this saw guide is awesome. The BADs I listed are either one-time setup or usage considerations. I mainly want to use the saw guide for straight cuts to breakdown plywood. So with just north of 1.5" depth of cut, it isn't an issue. Not deal breakers in my book. The UGLYs can be overcome. I mentioned that the saw guide works with any straight edge clamp, including home made ones. The FUTURE I see for it, is a jig solution to the ZCI problem. I will be re-making my home made straight edge guides, with the plywood guide sized for the saw guide. With that, I can pair a homemade track with an after market circular saw upgrade for a track saw experience. A little more lost depth of cut won't matter for the 3/4" plywood I'll be using the saw guide for.

In conclusion, the $29 I paid for this saw guide is by my book, money very well spent. A fantastic upgrade universal use guide that saves me a ton of time in making my own guide jig.