NEJE - DK-BL 405nm 1500mW DIY Engraver Printer Laser Engraving Machine Bluetooth USB (Rating: 4)

Laser engraving services are now provided by many companies. However, paying them money is only worthwhile if you are going to engrave on harder surfaces such as glass or metal. Laser engraving on paper, plastic, leather or wood can also be done at home with a laser engraving machine NEJE DK - BL1500mw. For soft materials, full power, very simple operation. These engraving machines have a power of 1500 mW, an integrated 6000 mAh battery and a Bluetooth 4.0 communication module. Also, the engraving machine can be operated not only by the computer but also by smartphone. The software in this machine is equipped with a special filtering algorithm that quickly and qualitatively adapts any image to laser engraving. This saves time and maximizes quality.

There are some photos of this laser engraving machine

Rectangle Wood Font Gadget Art
Finger Material property Thumb Nail Font
Communication Device Finger Portable communications device Telephony Font


Nose Chin Photograph Eyebrow Mouth

In this video, you can watch how they work -

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