Charles Neil - "Finishing,Simply put" (Rating: 5)

Hi friends
I just received my copy of Charles Neil's new book on finishing "Finishing,Simply put"I have been waiting some time for it to be completed. When Charles does something he always goes 150% on it, This book has taken a while to get published because Charles would keep adding more to it, to make sure all of the information he could, based on has accumulated knowledge of his 46 years of furniture making and finishing was included. This book is chuck full of all types of the up to date information including : tips, types of finishes, techniques, products by type and brand(including extensive product testing), it has many ways to save a finish gone bad and how to avoid mistakes in the first place .also has hundreds of high quality photos to show comparisons of products, examples of what to do what not to do.
This book covers the whole spectrum of woodworkers/finishes from the brand new novice to a seasoned woodworker. I know over the years I would keep trying finishing products and found they would make my projects look horrible. I didn't know if it was the product I was using or how I was using it, now I know it was both. If I would have had Charles book back then I could have saved hundreds of dollars buying bad products that I would use once and would have saved hours and hours of trying to fix the finishing I'd already done the wrong way
Charles has written this book as if you are in his shop talking to you one on one with clear uncomplicated language. I understand after Charles book pre orders have been filled he has sold out but has more that will be available in a week or so. I'm pleased as can be to have this great up to date reference on finishing.

Did you know that most of the finishing products have recently been reformulated to meet government standards? What this means is that many of the finishing products just don't perform they way they use too, this is another reason to have Charles book ,he has tested most finishing products and gives you results as to how they compare to each other and if they still are the same as they use to be.