Central Machinery - 32208 14" 4 speed woodworking band saw. (Rating: 5)

Review: Central Machinery 14" 4 Speed Band saw

This is a preliminary review of the saw that I got today from HF.
Price: $360.00
Speeds: 600, 1140, 1670, and 2670 Feet Per Minute
Weight: 179 lbs

This is a first for me, buying not only my first bandsaw, but also buying one without thorough reading of reviews.
I toyed with this saw at the store, I had to straighten out the whole thing before I could see it work, the blade was in backwards, and the saw was completely out of adjustment. Funny, I never used one, but I fixed it. While fixing it so I could see it run, I couldn't help but notice how well it was made; cast iron everywhere, nice paint job, good roller system and a real motor.

The instructions were well written and the pictures clear. The part list and bolt, nut, washer diagram was valuable. It went together in about 2 hours and was making sawdust.

I have it set to the 1140 setting and don't see any reason to change that for a while. The blade runs true and the cut feels good.

There is plenty of room to mount a bigger table under it.

One thing you should do while assembling it is to match the holes that bolt the pulley box cover before you bolt the saw to the base. The right rear hole wont line up for the pulley box unless you kick the saw back a fraction.

I'll update this when I've used it more, but the initial cuts I made were great. I cut 1" oak and it had no problem. I'll probably invest in a first rate blade soon, but the one that came with the saw cuts real smooth.

Also the box that covers the electric is a bit shallow and part of the switch popped out when I remounted the cover, but it is still solidly in place. It's just too small for those heavy gauge wires to fit in.

I hope this helps someone out.