Skoal - 45x Centering Microscope (Drill, Mill, Lathe) (Rating: 5)

I needed to drill a 4 hole pattern in a cast iron extension wing for a Incra LS Positioner I'm installing. My eyes just aren't what they used to be even with reading glasses so I ordered this 45x centering microscope from MSC.

Price Alert - The price on the website is $396 ouch! Added to my cart anyway as I needed it. Then remembered I had an MSC account so I signed in and the priced dropped to $178 wow a 55% price drop nice!

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Here's the '+' in a fine pencil where I need the hole, the scope let me center in the center of the pencil line.

Water Tints and shades Circle Symmetry Glass

Worked like a charm. Shout out for my new Powermatic PM2828EVS drill press loving it! Also love the LLambrich keyless chuck I added on someone's recommendation here.

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Link to the scope on MSC