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Center Saver Systems (Coring) - Anyone use one? (Woodturning)

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I am curious if anyone here uses any of these (or another brand) center saver (coring) systems. If so, likes, dislikes etc… Thanks!

McNaughton - OneWay - Woodcut
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Good thing you mentioned that you were talking about coring systems, because the "center saver" is a tail stock center with a hole in it to accept a pen turning mandrel….

Having said that, I've never used a coring system, but have read mixed reviews about them, and have a friend who uses one.

Which one, in particular, are you considering?
Wildwood - thanks for the links!

Underdog - I will work on the lingo! I have a mandrel / center saver for pen turning too.

I think the Woodcut looks like the most foolproof way. I actually don't see the OneWay for sale on their site. The McNaughton I see on the Lee Valley and Woodcraft sites.

Just wish there were more reviews! Thanks guys.
Woodcut bowl saver

Kelton McNaughton bowl savers

Have never used a bowl saver, more familar with McNaughton system but have read and heard great reviews on all three sets.
I have the Oneway and love it. It is pretty much foolproof. Not cheap, though. I have used the McNaughton, too. It has a bit longer learning curve, and is a bit more flexible in the shape of the core that you cant take out.

Here is the link on the Oneway site to the coring system.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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