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Hi everybody,

I started learning wood carving. I have found that ther is not many websites that shows how to carve. So I did it….my way.

In the process of wood carving, it's not but working with wood fiber direction and sharpened gouges. And believe me, without the last point, forget wood carving.

Half time of my wood carving courses, was atribuated to gouge sharpening. For this, I'll start a blog soon.

From a french book that my teacher gave me:

"La Sculpture sur Bois" written by Jacques Chevalier .

In chapter 3: Learning Method, there is an initiation to wood carving with 16 studies. If you follow all these steps, you shoud start with a good idea of carving difficulties.

Here's the first :

Step 1:

Note that I did this with only 3 (almost 2) gouges:
- #9, #4 and #3

If you have any questions, don't hesitate.
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