Phil Lowe - Carve a Ball and Claw Foot with Phil Lowe (Rating: 5)

Hi gang.
I thought I would offer a review of DVD of Phil Lowe's "Carve a Ball and Claw Foot with Phil Lowe"
If you're not familiar with Phil he is a very well know woodworker who has been the administrator at the North Bennet street school, a school that has had an outstanding woodworking program for I think over 100 years, Phil has been a contributing editor for" Fine Woodworking with excellent articles covering many avenues of woodworking.Phil also has his own " woodworking school "The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts" where he teaches " the art of classical woodworking techniques. Functional contemporary furniture "
Back to the DVD, My first thought when starting to watch the DVD was that this is not Phil but then I realized it was Phil but perhaps30 years ago. This DVD Phil covers the different styles of Ball and Claw cabriole legs and starts from design working through each step of transferring your drawn-out design on to wood, bandsawing the cabriole leg out, carving and shaping the leg and ball & claw.Phil is an excellent teacher each segment is very informative and filmed very well.
I've just finished a tilt top Pie crust table with ball and claw feet my first carving venture that came out ok for a first effort, but I spent hours and hours sanding the ball and claw feet and legs out because I used a power carver to carve, this is why I've decided to learn how to use carving tools and carve a more traditional way , Phil offered amazing detail particularly in the area of carving in this DVD,Not to downgrade the other areas of information offered.

This DVD is $19.95 plus shipping buy my estimation it's worth ten times that amount.