Diamond Gusset - Carpenter Jeans (Rating: 5)

Ok, I know this isn't about a tool or gadget but most of us wear pants when we work in the shop. Although a couple of LJs I'm not sure of.

We hear a lot about the US manufacturing going over seas. These jeans are made in America, with American grown cotton. Actually close to where I like to trout fish in Blue Ridge Georgia. Besides that there are several other things I like about these jeans:
1. Comfort. They fit me well. There's plenty of room in the legs and seat for the middle age spread.
2. The gusset. See the first picture. This goes along with comfort. No binding and a little extra room if you need it.
3. Well made. Or seem to be. I haven't had them long enough to see how long they last.
4. Deep pockets. I think this is only on the carpenter jeans. The front pockets are the deepest I've ever seen. To get change from one my wrist goes in the pocket deep enough that my watch is inside. The watch pocket on the right side is almost too deep. My fingers can't reach the bottom. I think a 12' x 1/2" tape measure would fit easily in there. Not having a pocket watch I don't really use this feature.
Down side is cost. You can buy cheaper jeans. These are $46. But, I just read a forum talking about cost of woodworking and how people can buy cheap imports over quality. Here's the website.
The only tie I have to this company is I've bought two pairs of jeans from them and I live in Georgia.