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Carbide tipped Bandsaw blade

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Hi. Can anyone tell me where to buy a3/4" x 105" carbide tipped balde for my jet BS. I have trried Highland and others and they are out of stock. I even called stirling (which sells to highland) and they said they can't get the steel. Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks Joel
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I know you are asking about Carbide. BUT if you can't find one. I swapped back to HSS after a carbide blade broke at the weld about 12 seconds into it's first use.

I've been going through WoodCraft and getting Starrett brand blades, and loving the cut, and considering the price loving the overall result.

The last few years WoodCraft has been having them on sale for about 20% off several times a year. I stock up. :)
The Laguna blades are 0.024" thick versus the boundary carbide at .034"
Sounds like you have a 14" saw? Could get fatigue cracking with the thicker blade.
Purchased my 3/4" carbide from bandsaw blades direct for my 15" Powermatic PM1500. They can weld up any size for you. I went with the Lenox TRI-MASTER Carbide it has the larger carbide teeth.

As for the 'fatigue cracking' stuff, metal cutting horizontal bandsaws use these same blades with much smaller wheels all the time on much tougher metal materials.
Nick did you happen to see this message from the site you shared. Our Carbide Tipped Saw Blades Are Designed For The Metal Working Industry, They Are Not Recommended For Wood Cutting.
I've hunting for some blades lately. I think I'm going to try Starrett I like their new web site.
Yes AJ I knew that. It is like the Lennox TriMaster, that is also a metal cutting blade. I just cut at a reasonable speed, and I get a great finish with it.
I've been using the Laguna Resaw King for the past four years. It looks like there's a 3/4×105" on Rockler, which says it's oversold until 04/27/2022. Woodcraft appears to have it in stock.
Which Jet BS do you have ?

The ol standard 14"er ain't gonna tension a 3/4" carbide blade.
Thanks to all who took the time to offer advice. I ordered the Laguna Resaw King this morning, it will be here next week, unfourntly I'll be in VA.

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