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Hi guys,

I struggled to come up with a catchy title for this post but decided to just state what I need and see how that flies.

I sold a concept to a client and now I have to implement it.

I need to build a shelf, well platform really, about 12" x 16" for a customer so they can sit their Jura Z5 coffee maker on it. It will sit in a garage and needs to slide out so they can add beans, water, milk, whatever from the top. There is not enough height or depth to build a conventional pullout with slides.

They only have about an inch or so of height available. Plus, if we used conventional slides it would have to slide out about 30" before it cleared the cabinet above. Not an option.

It sits in a corner and the ideal path it needs to travel is like the shape of a boomerang. So I told them I could make a 3/4" thick platform with "roller bearings" in the bottom so they could just slide it out and move it anywhere on the counter top to refill it. I told them I would use nylon bearings so it would not scratch their granite.

Great concept, I thought, then I started "Googling for Bearings" (Hey, that could have been my catchy title).

I know exactly what I want and I know it's out there somewhere but I just can't find it.

This is the closest I have come so far.

Any idea where I can find this style of bearing in nylon about 3/4" high or less? And readily available? I only need 4 or 5.

Thanks in advance,

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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