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Can This System Replace A Grinder and Water Stones What Do You Guys Think?

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Hello everyone I am not the best at sharping / grinding bevels on my Plane Irons. So I do what I think everyone does and that is look for a cheep alternative and I may have found one I what to Know what your thoughts are and if any of u have it I think it is quite neat

Here is the link for the busy bee sight

and here is the link for the utube video

Thanks Adam Thorpe Pickering
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looks pretty good to me ,
simple .
as long as it's not a gizmo ,
it should work fine .
It seems to me that one of the WW magazines did a review on this item and the review was not favorable. But I can't lay my hands on the review right now.
I don't think it'll replace anything. Having taught workshops for several years, I see where people have difficulty in sharpening. Nearly every sharpening problem I've seen or helped people with comes from the flat face of the tool, not the bevel. The bevel is a snap to sharpen, the difficult part is maintaining the back face which is necessary because it makes up half of the cutting edge but requires the most work and the work has to be accurate if one wants to make reasonable progress in a short amount of time. This thing is, IMO, just another gimmick that solves nothing but cash flow issues of the maker.
The review I think you saw:

There is a pretty good set up called the 10 cent sharpening system at though gathering up the MDF and sandpaper probably will cost a bit more than that. There are some ready to buy jigs that aren't very expensive also.

You could add a coarser grit or two, maybe 150 and 300, and eliminate using a grinding wheel. I think it would just take a bit more time to get nicks out. But no worries about overheating damage, not keeping cutting edge square to sides, or keeping the bevel angle consistent.
There is a difference in cutting performance between a flat ground and hollow ground…
Here is a link to my sharpening station

I use MDF and polishing compound. I've also started to try PSA sandpaper and diamond paper kind of like the newer sharpening machines.

They work great and fast, I don't hold it on the mdf surface long enough to get hot.
Hi there Adam

We in the UK have this machine its made by TREND and is very popular and seems to work very well

After reading the review, I would not fool with it. Google T-Chisel to see how easily Tommy MeConald sharpens.

My buddy Glen did a review for the Woodworking Magazine blog not too long ago. Here's a link to the review so you can see what he thinks. Hope it helps. Let us know what you decide.
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