Rockler - Magnetic Jointer Jig (Rating: 5)

I always dread the time when I have to sharpen the blades on my jointer. For some reason I can never get the blades back in just right.

Rockler put this jig on sale from $33 to $25 so I picked it up. When it arrived I was surprised to find that it is all metal, no plastic, and well made (for what it is). Each leg has two magnets on the out feed side and one that picks up the blade.

Using the jig is simple. You have to find TDC for the cutter head and you mark that on the fence. I punched a small line on the fence so I'll always have it there. You then rotate the blade to the mark on the fence and place the jig over the blade. There's a mark on the jig that lines up with the mark on the fence and four magnets hold it down. Another two magnets on the jig lift the blade so it is exactly the same height as the out feed table and parallel with the out feed table. Tighten the blade. Repeat two more times and you are done. Total time 15 minutes. Now that I have the TDC marked it will only take 10 minutes going forward.

I ran some wood through and the jointer never cut so well. The jig does what it's supposed to do so I give it 5 stars.