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I do not have a jointer and would not consider getting one unless I needed to use it often. I've found a planer sled works very well and a table saw sled or equivalent works very well for straightening an edge.

I would think the table saw is actually faster. Clamp the wood cut done. No multiple passes and so on. You do need a saw and blade that makes good clean cuts. But if your table saw can't make clean cuts, then I'd replace the saw before buying a jointer.

No question a planer sled is more time consuming to setup. But the results are great.

For me, I can't see how I would get along without a planer, but have done just fine without a jointer. It's very satisfying to work with rough lumber. And you can do that well with just a planer and sled.

For me, it would be nice to have a jointer if I had room for it. But my shop is small and I just wouldn't make use of one often enough to justify having it in the way.

A DW 735 is a great planer. I wouldn't invest in a Shelix head right from the get go. The stock knifes work just fine, though will dull faster. Just see how your usage of the planer goes. If it takes you years to wear out your knives, then stick with the just replacing those. If you wear out a set of knives quickly, then it would make sense to spend the money on the helical cutter.
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