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Can anyone ID this insect?

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Got some rough cut mesquite last week and left the boards on the back porch because I couldn't heat treat them yet, and I sure didn't want them contaminating my lumber in the garage. Saw 3-4 powderpost beetle dust spots, which I expected. But today for the first time I saw these things flying all over the place, walking on boards, they don't look like powderpost beetles. They obviously want what I've got and I want them dead. I don't know if they invade the hardwood or just the bark and sapwood, or if they were in there all along and today they all hatched out, etc.

I'm in N. Texas

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It looks like it might be a locust borer. Maybe they decided to try some mesquite.

I know the cottonwood version can cause terrible damage in a short amount of time, killing a lot of trees. You might want to get some Tempo (or something of the like) after these guys until you can heat the boards up.

Good luck.
Thanks. I've used the A&M site before but didn't see that. Was going to order borax powder, you think Tempo would be more effective?
cottonwood beatle
Cottonwood, that's gotta be it.
Tomorrow you die, beetle.

I like tempo because it works so well on all types of bugs, is non-toxic once dried, and stays effective for a long time. On the other hand, I've never used borax powder to kill insects. As long as they die, you should be good.
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