Sharpening Service - Cammel Saw Co. (Rating: 5)

Just a quick review of a service company. They also sell lots of blades and knives for just about anything I believe. I just bought a used grizzly Jointer and the knives had several small nicks in them. I looked around the internet and couldn't find anyone who could sharpen them for a good price (in my opinion). Finally I found this company and shot them an email. They emailed me back promptly and let me know that it would be about $18 to sharpen them, which compared to $45 at other places, sounded great to me. So I mailed them off and waited then got a phone call from Dennis Cammel stating that the knives were not the type of metal that I had thought and that it would actually be cheaper. I spent a total of $18 which includes shipping to get them sharpened and they are razor sharp. Great service, and timely sharpening.