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Calgary and area source for rough hard wood lumber??

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I've been sourcing some material within Calgary at the 4 or 5 common suppliers and am having a hard time spending that amount of $ for raw material that is less than ideal (lots of waste). Typically paying $15-$45 per bd/ft for mediocre shorts of maple, walnut, lacewood, bubinga, cherry, purple heart, etc makes for some hefty material costs. Many of my projects are gifted but some are commissioned and estimating a maple mantle with $500+ in raw materials is alarming to some.

My question to the group is if anyone in the area has found a non-retail source for their raw stock? I don't mind picking up the odd exotic at a retailer and appreciate that they have an overhead to cover, I also appreciate that they they have what I need when I need it, but I would like to find a reliable source for some of the basics.

PM me if you wish, and maybe there is a shop that I have missed, but I'm sure there are alternatives out there. I spent the day today looking for a single, small, rough live edge slab and didn't see much of anything under the $5-600 range, that would make for a pretty pricey coffee table…
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