Woodcraft - cabinet scraper (Rating: 5)


I thought I would post this as there may be some others that have not tried using scrapers. Oh man if I only hand the hours back spent on sanding.

My wife been bugging me for a bedroom mirror and since I been buying tools lately I figured that her project better move up on the list. I had some hard maple left over.

I ran the frame material through the table saw on an angle to make a cove--I had done that several times before and it takes alot of sanding and making special blocks to sand with.

I got this scraper set and the 15 dollars I spent has been saved in sand paper! These thin sheets of metal are amazing.---I was also able to fix a routed round over on the edge that must have bumped around the bit or something. In the past I run the board through the router again or tried sanding both with soso results-the scraper cleaned it up nicely.

I not sure but I played with them some but it seems that you can go cross grain a bit with these too. I scrwewed a sample miter together making it off some and it cleaned it up nicely.

5 stars from me--I am a scraper now!