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Cabinet install over tile

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So I've been asked to build a bathroom cabinet/wall unit for someone. This will be a built-in unit with a base cabinet and an open upper section with shelving. The upper will be sitting on top of the lower.

There's a three wall small area where this unit will be installed. Each wall is tiled from floor to ceiling, making it hard to locate studs, etc. I'm thinking I should just hang a couple of cleats on the back wall to the tile using, toggle bolts, (counter sink the heads) then attach both units to those cleats with some cabinet screws. Anyone else have any other suggestions or come across this situation before?

I'm thinking this will also allow me to plumb out the back wall…assuming it's out of plumb.

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If it was tiled properly, it should be plumb. But, I would not count on toggle bolts thru tile and sheetrock to hold any serious weight. Best to find the studs.
These the only toggle bolts I will use. After you use them you will feel the same. I have used them in hotels for handicap grab bars in showers. They are available in different sizes and brands. Onsite we call them zip toggles.
The strength of the wall assembly is greater than the sum of its parts. Toggle bolts are fine. Don't space them too closely and use as many as you can fit if you're worried about weight.
+1 to Shawn I've used the snap toggles quite a bit with kitchen build outs
Thanks guys. I'll see if I can locate the studs on the other side of the tiled wall. I believe it's a closet on the other side. Otherwise, snap toggles it is.
You will need a special drill bit to drill tile without breaking it.
If you get a studfinder even a borrowed one tiles will not hamper finding the studs. and a tile drill or glass drill diamond type is best take your time don't even think of using a standard masonary drill. your young 63 year old friend babyface Alistair
Jesse/Scotsman - Got the drill bit already. Learned the hard way years ago.
i would mark out on the wall where the unit is going and then smash holes in the wall to find the studs, then it will be covered right up with your unit
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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