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C-list Miter Saw find!

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Hey I was pretty excited to get this miter saw. It's a DeWalt 8.5 Crosscut(sliding) saw. I am guess it is about 20yrs old since on the label it says "Made in W.Germany"? It came with a nice Freud blade also! Here is the kicker, I traded it to an elder gentleman who didn't want it, but wanted some video games for his grand daughter, so I get rid of some unplayed games for a descent miter saw, not bad eh? I think it should compliment my RAS nicely.
Here's a couple questions:

-What is the best lube for the sliding rods?

-It's weird that I can't find anything on this on the net or the DeWalt site, does anyone have one?

-On the handle, it has a lever you have to push so the blade guard comes up, it is a little sluggish, any suggestions on how to help that? A shot of WD-40 somewhere?

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53 views and no suggestions? I know this isn't the only sliding miter saw out there
Hey Neo
I would suggest some wax auto or floor wax.
yeah, johnson paste wax should do wonders to the tubes. not sure about the blade guard though - I would think twice before spraying WD-40 in there as it's next to the blade, and it might transfer to the blade → and later on to the lumber, and that wouldn't be good. but then again -I've never seen this one before, so not 100% sure what's with that mechanism. just food for thought I guess.
forgot to ad - I would take this apart as much as I can, clean each part individually, lube whatever I can with either paste wax or boeshield T7 (prevents rust, and smoothes out the surface) and put it back together - this will ensure that everything is clean, as tight as it should be, and ready for some work.
Thanks for the tips, didn't think about paste wax for the tubes, but will try it. I did take it apart as much as possible and blew everything out, there was a chuck of work in the spring mech for the blade guard, once removed it opened a bit better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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