Other - Rust Free (Rating: 5)

I'm generally skeptical of products that purport to take the place of elbow grease, but I got this bottle of Rust Off in a package at Woodcraft with some Boeshield and blade & bit cleaner. Last night, I realized that I had to put my smoker up for sale before we pack out (in two weeks) and so I needed to de-rust it. I stood there for a while, wire brush in hand and Dremel tool nearby when I remembered that I had this stuff.

The instructions say to spray it on rust, allow it to saturate the surface, wait 30-60 seconds and remove. Since I was working on a grill-type item, I used a Scotch-brite pad to scrub the surface after 60 seconds as directed.

Wow. The smoker had been stored outdoors for almost 4 years, and almost every surface had some amoubnt of rust. It is shown here after 10 minutes of spraying, waiting, and scrubbing. And scrubbing is probably too harsh of a term. Really, I just rubbed the surface with the Scotch-brite pad and watched the surface turn black again.

After spraying, you can almost watch the rust fade and turn black. It's pretty amazing. Better living through chemistry!

If you ever have the need to remove rust and are looking for a product to make it easy, definitely consider Rust Off. I'm pretty sure it was invented at Boeing for use on aircraft parts just like Boeshield.