Sterling Publishing Company - The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book (Rating: 5)

May, 2010
this review is from the May, 2010 issue of our eMag

The Ultimate Band Saw Book by our very own Donna Menke

As always I am as fascinated by the author's story as I am the book itself. Reading about Donna having the balance of a mother's push to try new things along with a father's guidance at doing a job well, to using art, math, and engineering skills to create the plans for the band saw boxes, well, I was hooked from the start! I knew the book was going to be amazing.

Why a bandsaw box? Donna states in her book: "they don't require a shop full of expensive tools; they have unlimited design potential and they are easy to make". Three very good reasons to give band saw boxes a try.

Before getting started on the projects, the reader gets a look around the tools that will be used. Several pages, with many accompanying photos, show the woodworker all about the band saw components, blades, set-up information, and basic "how to" strategies.

Perhaps my favourite section is that of "Design Considerations". Personally, I get bored at repeating projects so I imagine that after I try the boxes included in this book that I will be returning to the design section to guide me through future creations. This is a real asset to this book.

Unlike many project books, Donna's book is filled with pages of tips and construction information. I would say that about one third of the book is about the "how to" information, walking you through everything you would need to know to build a band saw box. The twenty-two projects (I think that is how many there are) also come with a variety of photos, sketches, and step-by-step directions.

I am very impressed with the book and although I haven't found the time and a little bit of courage to make that first box it it definitely on my list for projects to be made this year. How can I go wrong? Donna has provided everything I could possibly need to know.

Overall impression: two thumbs up!