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I usually do small projects out of specialty woods and sometimes have a difficult time finding stock. For the longest time, I have been getting wood from Rockler because of the smaller sizes and available widths and thicknesses. However, I often times received a crooked or warped piece. The final straw was ordering supplies to make a project out of 3/8" Walnut. I was almost done when I made a wrong cut and needed to order another piece. However, at the time, Rockler was out of 3/8" Walnut, but had the 1/2" :) I suppose they wanted me to order that and a planer. At this point, I looked around and FINALLY found a new supplier and couldn't be more happy. If you're looking for a hardwood supplier online, I would highly recommend Ocooch Hardwoods from Viola, WI. www.OcoochHardwoods.com

The best thing about Ocooch is their attention to detail. Here is how your wood arrives.
Wood Table Textile Flooring Wood stain

Wood Rectangle Hardwood Automotive exterior Flooring

Table Wood Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood

It's always sanded on both sides and usually square all around…I've not had a piece that wasn't fixed with a just a quick sand in one or two spots.
Table Rectangle Ruler Wood Wood stain

I ordered this at 3/8" and of course that's what I got.
Tape measure Wood Ruler Office ruler Rectangle

Not too much wiggle room, but a little…I ordered 8" and got about 8 1/16", seems to be the average i get.
Wood Tape measure Automotive tire Tire Font

Same thing on the length. I ordered 24" and usually get 24 1/6" or 24 1/8".
Wood Textile Rectangle Hardwood Wood stain

And finally, a quick wipe with Mineral Spirits shows how beautiful it will look.
Brown Table Wood Rectangle Flooring

Hope this helps some of you and keeps you from looking for hours like I did before you take the plunge and find a place with reasonable prices that you can trust to get quality woods.