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Buying a Tablesaw - Need Help Deciding

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Use to be in woodworking several years ago and unfortunately sold all of my big tools about 4 years ago. Getting the bug to get back into it as a hobby and am trying to get back up to speed on all the latest gadgets and tools. I use to have a very nice Jet table saw that I'm kicking myself in the butt for selling now, but that is what I'm trying to replace now and have been shopping on CL. I have found the two saws below, which appear to have pretty good reviews from what I can find online, but wanted to get some opinions from everyone here. Like I said above, I'm a hobbyist and will probably only use this saw on weekends for now because of how hectic my life is with work and family. That being said, I am the kind of person that usually buys from the perspective of quality first and I just want to buy a saw that I can count on lasting me many years to come. Any advice I can get would be greatly appreciated. The best saws that I have been able to find within a couple hours drive of where I live are below and both saws are about 5 years old.

Here is a photos of the Jet saw.

Cabinetry Wood Floor Table Gas


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JET. If that router lift is of any decent quality it's worth a couple hundred in itself. Although, the question comes to mind are either wired for 110 or 220V. Do you have 220V available? I'm putting this thread on my watchlist. Which one are you going to choose.
I think the router lift is a Jessem, but not sure. Going to look at that saw tonight. I do have 220 but he says the saw is wired for 110.

I actually called on the Rigid saw that you link to Nick, but it had already sold. I've read a lot about alignment issues with the Rigid's so I'm thinking of excluding them from my search.
The Jet Proshop is a nice hybrid. Without more info, it's tough to tell whether or not it's one from the "pre-riving knife" era or not….based on price, I'd take a guess that it's pre-riving knife, and only has a traditional splitter. The Jet Proshop fence is a nice scaled down Biese close, assuming that's what's on it.

The former Cman 22114 was made by Steel City/Orion and has big corner to corner cabinet mounted trunnion, as well as a 44"wide solid cast iron surface, helping it weigh in at ~ 385#. The fence was functional, not great, and it's also from the "pre-riving knife" era. There is an aftermarket riving knife called the "BORK" that will fit this saw. These saws actually had a pretty strong following before being discontinued for models with a riving knife. $450-ish would be better, but it looks like a pretty solid deal to me.

The alignment issues you've read about the Ridgid pertain to the R4512, not the TS3650….that one's a solid performer.

This Delta (36-680?) looks to be a decent buy at $350 too. The T2 fence is on par with the Proshop fence.
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I had one of those Craftsman saws briefly. I bought it in a lot
of tools and sold it. The fence, miter gauge and motor cover
aren't very impressive, but they work adequately. The saw
itself is pretty nice, runs quiet and smooth with dust dropping
into a chute. It's reasonably enclosed.

That Ridgid looks like a smokin' deal if the sliding table is
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